Latest additions.

The last ten additions, with the most recent at the top, and occasional commentary. This list will constantly change, too, of course.

  • So I saw The White Ribbon again. Kinda did a 180. Also saw The Headless Woman. If this weren't a favorites tracker, it may top the 00s, and definitely 08. As is, I don't love it enough to do that. Still really dig it, tho. [1.8.10]
  • Wow, it's been a while since I updated this. Been meaning to, of course, but, of course, it's low on the to do list. So: my 09 list is getting more complete. And maybe a little surprising? And I may have to rethink my decade list a bit but mostly I'm okay with it. In any case, here we are, ready to add "2010s" to the stuff below. [12.30.09]
  • Saw a number of new, 09 releases, and a few from the 40s, in the past couple of weeks. Bumped down Che (08) after seeing The Informant! (09) because it's clear that the newer movie is head and shoulders (dandruff-free rug!) above the poster-child. [10.27.09]
  • This week I went hard on the Abel Ferrara front, and somehow found time for some others, too, like Julia (08). [10.11.09]
  • Reordered 1994 a bit, added the other James Gray pictures. Took off some color taggings elsewhere. [10.09.09]
  • As recounted/catalogued here, there's a number of Renoirs and a rogue Pialat. [10.04.09]
  • Realized I didn't have Ne Touchez Pas La Hache (2007) in the faves for our fading decade. Changed that. [10.01.09]
  • I've decided to color-brand my latest additions. Also, re-rankings. Fire is for new flicks, and Blood is for a re-rank. This will go into effect starting with The Brothers Bloom (2009) and the Kill Bill Saga (2003, 2004) (as well as a couple other '04 pix), today. [10.01.09]