Something like a diary. [Quick Takes ported below.]

I just thought about how I could save the list from above down here and nobody would be the wiser. Or, I would be. Or, something. Unfortunately, though, that means more than few months are lost. Oh well. The diary, like this life, will continue. And, hey, this list will be different. It will go forward going down.

  • La vie des morts, Arnaud Desplechin, 1991 [was ready for another 54 minutes at the abrupt, delicious end; first film seen at The Clay]
  • Comment je me suis disputé... (ma vie sexuelle), Arnaud Desplechin, 1996 [a stunner, stopped me silly and tearful; wouch]
  • Le Cochon, Jean Eustache, 1970 [weird how I went from complete revulsion at the thought of ever eating meat again to, hold the phone, really licking my lips thinking about an al pastor burrito]
  • Platform, Jia Zhang-Ke, 2000 [such a happy ending]
  • The New World: Extended Cut, Terrence Malick, 2005? [I'm rully confused about where to place this, but, well, it's fucking phenomenal, as ever, and I bumped it up to the top of this decade in the post below.]
  • Kings and Queen, Arnaud Desplechin, 2004 [It's too tuff to separate myself from his films; but I love it, too, of course. It looks simple but is alarmingly complex and radical upon closer inspection, like a lot of great things. Also, Devos is the french Gena? Almaric their Faulk?]
  • Esther Kahn, Arnaud Desplechin, 2000 [motherfucker i'm too tired. this thing wrecked me. in the best way possible.]
  • White Dog, Sam Fuller, 1982 [ferocious, sonnnnnn!]
  • La Sentinelle, Arnaud Desplechin, 1992 [What happened to Emmanuel Salinger?]
  • The Claim, Michael Winterbottom, 2000 [Wannabe posture, sure, but still some good stuff]
  • 24 Hour Party People, Michael Winterbottom, 2002 [Really, we needed it, didn't we, Cam? How did I forget to put this on here before?]
  • Code 46, Michael Winterbottom, 2003 [Samantha Morton is my wife, or something gooey and unreflective; right ghost boys?]
  • The Manchurian Candidate, Jonathan Demme, 2004 [It's a lot better than its place on that list may tell you; I guess there were a lot of good movies that year]
  • The House of Mirth, Terrence Davies, 2000 [in a lot of ways it's "perfect" but, again, I just don't learn that way...]
  • Le petit criminel, Jacques Doillon, 1990 [simple, but beyond "well acted" and offhandedly brilliant in compositional terms; also, kids... fuck Larry Clark]
  • Gonna try to fill in some gaps, when I can. For now, though, here's what I've worked out. I'll try to remember to come here after I log in my log. Also, this will help me keep from spending too much time on other stupid pursuits, like twitter. However, it will equally sap time from learning and playing with Final Cut. Gah, juggling. [07.14.09]
  • After a chat with Eric Freeman, I spent way too much time going through my recent viewing logs and filling in some gaps. There's still a ton of gaps. But, you know, there's a little more to chew on. [09.30.09]

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